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The main feature of this site is the BLACKCATHOLIC blog that will run actively on the home page. As stated on the About BLACKCATHOLIC page, the blog will discuss various topics surrounding Catholicism, Christianity in general, liturgy, religion, philosophy, Black Catholicism, and other issues I connect to these topics. Most posts will be about various and uncategorized topics, but there will also be what I call “article-series” which will be posts that are part of a running thematic series tackling some aspect of the Catholic faith. The list of article-series categories will be here and on the ever-present bar of links on the left side of your screen as they are introduced (right above “Social Media Stuff”).

Main Posts Categories 

Regular Posts  – General uncategorized posts about anything from Catholic topics to travels to personal and apostolate/website updates.

As of November 28, 2019 the confirmed Article-Series (with more to be introduced at later times) are:

Article-Series I – Black (And Catholic) Like Me

I will feature a Black Catholic saint from history (or soon to be one) and tell a little about him/her and what I believe we can all learn from this godly one about holiness. For the title, I drew some inspiration from the title of journalist John Howard Griffin’s 1961 book “Black Like Me” though I am not drawing from its content. I’ve always like the ring of its title, but along with that – I’m Black and I’m Catholic, and here are some great Catholic examples who were Black as well. Additionally, while canonized people and those on the way to being canonized will be the main focus, I may also include recent examples of Black Catholics (deceased and living) who are also good examples of “Catholicism through a colored lens.” The holy ones featured in this series will be added to the Black Saints and Holy Ones list described below.

Article-Series II – Prod. By BLACKCATHOLIC 

I write for other Catholic platforms too. When I have articles published elsewhere I will have some of them previewed here and will provide a link to the full article on the original site of the post.

Article-Series III – Let ’em Speak On It: Notable Quotes From Black Catholics

This series is simply posts featuring a quote said either by or at least in relation to Black/African Catholics and Black Catholicism. The quote itself maybe be from a historical figure/document or a current one. Because Black Catholics come at the Faith from a unique and important angle it’s only right if you “let ’em speak on it.” Sometimes I might offer a brief thought on the featured quote, and sometimes I will simply it speak for itself. At the end I will add a small bio about who the person/document is and provide a link or two to more information.

Other Post Categories

BLACKCATHOLIC Memes  For Fun! I occasionally make Catholic memes from time to time when the right idea for one strikes me. Feel free to share!

Special Series: Black History Month (February)/Black Catholic Month (November) 

Each February and November my apostolate will have special series of posts celebrating Black History Month (Feb.) and Black Catholic History Month (Nov.). February’s celebration will include posts involving Black history generally often with the Church’s relation to it. November’s celebration will include a showcase of Black Catholic saints/holy ones and topics from history. Black (and Catholic) Like Me entries will often be made during these months.

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Other Features of the Site: 

Patron Saints of BLACKCATHOLIC – Who backs this page on the other side of eternity.

Canonization Cause of Fr. Augustus Tolton – Information and tracking of the canonization Cause of Servant of God Fr. Augustus Tolton (Coming Later)

Black Saints and Holy Ones – Collection of Black/African saints especially those covered in Black (And Catholic) Like Me article-series. The list is on-going.

List of good general Catholic resources for your edification.

List of Black Catholic resources for more info on Black Catholicism and displays of Black Catholics living out their faith in the Church.

List of other good Catholic blogs I come across so I can spread the love around the Catholic blogosphere and send some traffic their way.