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St. Nick Came Last Night!

St. Nicholas of Myra visited the seminary last night and left us goodies in our shoes outside our room! Score! The true Sant Claus lived from 270-343, and was known for his tremendous generosity like sneaking dowries to young virgins so they would not have to go into prostitutions. A tradition later developed that stated…

By BLACKCATHOLIC December 7, 2018 0

Choice of Logo – The “Raised Fist” – Remembering An Early Controversy

From Choice of Logo information page: Dude, What’s Up With The Raised Fist? Earlier in the existence of BLACKCATHOLIC there was a little “controversy”. When the Facebook extension of my apostolate started to gain some exposure there were a small number of people that had an issue with my page and its use of the raised fist/black power symbol. Some worried…

By BLACKCATHOLIC December 2, 2018 0