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Here’s a good timeline of Black Catholics throughout US history, a great part of Black history. Composed by Fr. Cyprian Davis, OSB. Some highlights: 1565-1899: St. Augustine, Florida Blacks, both slave and free, help to found this oldest town in the United States. In 1693 Spain offers freedom in Florida to slaves who convert to Catholicism.”…

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BLACK HISTORY MONTH FEATURED VIDEO 1 (Feb 7) – Catholic Reflection on Civil Rights Act

This month’s first featured video is a good one from Catholic News Service back in 2014 in which two African American Catholic leaders, Bishop John H. Ricard and Norman C. Francis, then-president of Xavier University of Louisiana (the only historically Black Catholic university in the US), give their reflections on Catholic activities in the Civil…

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BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2019 FEATURED ARTICLE 1 (Feb 5): Nuns Witnessed Who Witnessed MLK’s Life and Death

Here’s the first feature article for Black History Month. Nuns who were active during the Civil Rights Movement and were with MLK both in life and death tell their story. CNA article (2018): “This Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be the first without Sister Mary Antona Ebo, the only black Catholic nun who marched with civil…

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Prod. By BLACKCATHOLIC – 3: The Great Equalizer: How the Sacraments Make Us All Equal ( For uCatholic)

To kick off this month’s celebration of Black History Month. Here’s a BHM edition of one of my article series, Prod. By BLACKCATHOLIC where I feature an article that I’ve written for another platform and preview it.  I wrote an article last year for uCatholic that is very fitting for this month. I drew in part upon Fr.…

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Black History Month 2019 – How BLACKCATHOLIC Will Celebrate!

This is a important month to my apostolate along with November (Black Catholic History Month), and if you were around last November following my social media extensions, you saw how I showcased content special to the celebration all throughout the month culminating in the launch of this site on Nov. 25. February will be much…

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Happy Black History Month from BLACKCATHOLIC!

Happy Black History Month from BLACKCATHOLIC! All-month celebration plans for the apostolate coming later today. Picture: June 21, 1964, Fr. Theodore Martin Hesburgh, CSC with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., singing “We Shall Overcome.” Original picture used under CC BY-SA 4.0 Original picture (The Smithsonian and National Portrait Gallery)

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