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Be Whack, You Get Whacked!

But seriously, this is a Catholic website/blog and, of course, it is largely targeted towards Catholics. However, I want this to be a place where fruitful, intelligent, and, above all, charitable conversations happen between both Catholics and non-Catholics involving any thing I happen to bring up for discussion in the blog. That being said, all I really ask is for everyone to be respectful towards one another even in sharp disagreement. As I finish working out all the kinks of this site, I might develop a very short list of things I deem unacceptable conduct. Until then, if I see something I don’t like, I will call it out and/or delete the comment. I like to give second chances, but particularly egregious stuff (like racism, pornographic posts, repeated heavy spamming etc.) will result in a ban. But let’s all keep things nice and civil!

– Justin, November 25, 2018