BLACATHOLIC Fervorinos 7: Everybody Counts Video Link and Transcript

BLACATHOLIC Fervorinos 7: Everybody Counts Video Link and Transcript

July 21, 2023 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

The following is an approximate transcript of my “BLACKCATHOLIC Fervorinos 7: Everybody Counts” video released on my Facebook page on July 21, 2023. The transcript below strives for a balance of both a word-for-word account and careful editing for better reading. With [notes], [additions], and omissions for clarity and flow. After this check out more of my BLACKCATHOLIC Fervorinos and their video transcripts.

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How you doing? This is Justin the BLACKCATHOLIC, and I’m coming at you with another BLACKCATHOLIC Fervorino.

And if you’re new to my apostolate, BLACKCATHOLIC Fervorinos are just simply brief pep talks to get your faith going.

And the title for this BLACKCATHOLIC Fervorino is: “Everybody Counts.”

You know, one of my favorite TV shows in recent years is Bosch on Amazon Prime and it’s spin-off series Bosch: Legacy. And the TV show Bosch is about Harry Bosch, a veteran police detective with a relentless drive for bringing justice for those whose cases he takes up. And it doesn’t matter if the case is active or the case is cold, it doesn’t matter if the victim is living or is dead nothing can stop him from the search of justice once he takes up the case. And Harry Bosch’s relentless search for justice is fueled by one mantra: “everybody counts or nobody counts.” Because to him every victim matters. No victim should be tossed aside no matter how hopeless the case, no matter how badly the victim was victimized in some way. Whether they’re living or dead no victim should be tossed aside. And every case deserves a chance at

Justice being served. This is because every person deserves justice for

Bosch. And if this is not the case, if not every person deserves some measure of justice, then no case, no victim really matters. But because everybody deserves justice – everybody, every case matters.

Now his mantra “everybody counts or nobody counts” has stuck with me over the years since I’ve watched the show. And this mantra from fiction is true in reality. And eventually I began to think about how this mantra bears some relation to the faith actually. Because God has created and continues to create countless souls Millions, billions of souls. Maybe at the end of the day trillions of souls. The amount is countless, and yet everybody counts to God. There’s no soul that doesn’t count to God because if they didn’t count they wouldn’t exist.

And so I say all this to say that if you’re somebody out there that feels that you don’t count, that you don’t matter, that you’re just one person among many people in a crowd and you really don’t have much value, let me tell you this.  If you think that, if you feel that, remember:

If you think that you’re just one fish and a sea of a million, remember that Jesus only needed two to feed a crowd.

If you think that you’re only one sheep in a fold of a hundred thousand, remember that Jesus left everything in order to search for the one sheep that went missing.

All of this is because you matter. You count. God wanted you in particular to exist from all eternity, and to top it all off there was one drop of blood from the cross that was meant to redeem you in particular along with the rest of the world. And nothing can take that away. Nothing can ever make this untrue about you.

Because to God everybody counts or nobody counts.

This is Justin the BLACKCATHOLIC.


[Postscript: “Each of us is the result of a thought of God. Each of us is willed. Each of us is loved. Each of us is necessary.” – Pope Benedict XVI]