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A Black Catholic Parish’s Feast Day – St. Vincent de Paul’s in My Home Town

Happy Feast Day to the only surviving historically Black Catholic parish in my home diocese of Nashville, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church! Today is the feast day of 17th century priest, St. Vincent de Paul, which the universal Church celebrates as a memorial, but for St. Vincent’s it’s a full-on solemnity. Check out these…

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ARTICLE SHARE: “Black Catholics See Continued Progress on the Road to Canonization for ‘Saintly Six’” (National Catholic Register)

While there are in fact a number of Black Catholic saints (individuals of African heritage/descent that have lived holy Catholic lives and have been canonized) there are no African American Catholic saints as of yet. However, there are currently six Black American holy ones who are on the path to being canonized as saints with…

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ARTICLE SHARE: “Quinn was ‘quintessential priest’ (The Irish Eco)” – Story of Fr. Bernard Quinn who spent his life ministering Brooklyn’s Black Catholics

Shared this on my social media last week: I’ve never heard of the awesome story of Fr. Bernard Quinn who spent his priesthood in undying service to minister to Black Catholics in Brooklyn. His story is fire. He brought Jesus’s love to Black souls, fought the racism present in the Church at the time, faced…

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