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The main feature of this site is the BLACKCATHOLIC blog that will run actively on the home page. As stated on the Mission and Me: About BLACKCATHOLIC, the blog will discuss various topics surrounding Catholicism, Christianity in general, liturgy, religion, philosophy, Black Catholicism, and other issues I connect to these topics. Most posts will be about various and uncategorized topics, but there will also be what I call “article-series” which will be posts that are part of a running thematic series tackling some aspect of the Catholic faith. The list of article-series categories will be here and on the ever-present bar of links on the left side of your screen as they are introduced (right above “Social Media Stuff”).

Main Article Topics

Black Catholicism and Black Faith

Black Community and Issues

Church, Liturgy, and Catholic Life

Philosophy, Theology, and Religion

Politics, Society, and Culture

Main Article-Series

Black (And Catholic) Like Me

I will feature a Black Catholic saint from history (or soon to be one) and tell a little about him/her and what I believe we can all learn from this godly one about holiness. For the title, I drew some inspiration from the title of journalist John Howard Griffin’s 1961 book “Black Like Me” though I am not drawing from its content. I’ve always like the ring of its title, but along with that – I’m Black and I’m Catholic, and here are some great Catholic examples who were Black as well. Additionally, while canonized people and those on the way to being canonized will be the main focus, I may also include recent examples of Black Catholics (deceased and living) who are also good examples of “Catholicism through a colored lens.” The holy ones featured in this series will be added to the Black Saints and Holy Ones list described below.

Let ’em Speak On It: Notable Quotes From Black Catholics

This series is simply posts featuring a quote said either by or at least in relation to Black/African Catholics and Black Catholicism. The quote itself maybe be from a historical figure/document or a current one. Because Black Catholics come at the Faith from a unique and important angle it’s only right if you “let ’em speak on it.” Sometimes I might offer a brief thought on the featured quote, and sometimes I will simply it speak for itself. At the end I will add a small bio about who the person/document is and provide a link or two to more information.


I write for other Catholic platforms too. When I have articles published elsewhere I will have some of them previewed here and will provide a link to the full article on the original site of the post.

My Journey to The Priesthood

Follow along as I write and post updates about my journey to the Catholic priesthood for the Diocese of Nashville.

Special Celebrations on the Blog

February: Black History Month

April: Fr. Augustus Tolton Month

November: Black Catholic History Month


BLACKCATHOLIC Fervorinos: Brief Faith Talks to Get Your Faith Going videos – Link and Transcripts

Transcripts of episodes of my video series “BLACATHOLIC Fervorinos”, brief exhortations that feature some of the little insights and inspirations that I’ve had over the years in my spiritual life to hopefully deepen your faith just a little bit. These videos are released through the Facebook extension of my BLACKCATHOLIC apostolate. Links to the Facebook upload are also offered through my Twitter extension


BLACKCATHOLIC Memes – For Fun! I occasionally make Catholic memes from time to time when the right idea for one strikes me. Feel free to share!

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Other Features of the Site: 

Black Saints and Holy Ones – Collection of Black/African saints, especially those covered in the Black (And Catholic) Like Me article-series. Divided into Holy Brothers: Black Catholic Men Saints and Holy Ones and Saintly Sistas: Black Catholic Women Saints and Holy Ones. The list is on-going.

Patron Saint of BLACKCATHOLIC: Ven. Fr. Augustus Tolton – Information about the major patron saint of the BLACKCATHOLIC apostolate and his cause for sainthood.

Black Catholic Voices – A collection of sources on Black Catholicism and displays of other Black Catholics living out their faith in the Church.

List of good good Catholic sources for your edification, which includes:

  • List of other good Catholic blogs I come across so I can spread the love around the Catholic blogosphere and send some traffic their way.

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Use of Images Disclaimer

This disclaimer is to inform you about policies regarding both my original images and images I pull from other’s work. It is also to help protect you because it is very common to just pull images from sites that may or may not be free to use and could get you in trouble with some folks. I’m doing this because I understand wanting to use cool pics for things, but not wanting to violate copyright. Also, I like to give credit where credit is do.


(1) Public Domain Images: A lot of the images that I will post on this site that are not mine will be from the public domain. I often strive to do this in order to avoid any copyright issues and still get good content. These images will be mostly historical paintings and pictures, though other more recent images are released into the public domain by their creators. Most times, in blog posts, I will put “public domain” in the image’s description/citation letting you know that this image is good for you to pull and use for any purpose without violating copyright claims.

(2) Other’s Images Released Under a License: Some other images that also not mine will be from the works of others who have released them under some license within Creative Commons/GNU/others so others can use and modify it. These licenses are typically cited like “CC BY-SA 3.0,” for example.  When using images that were released under this form I will do all that is deemed necessary by the particular license used and often provide a link to the license itself along with giving proper credit. If you desire to use these types of images, I suggest you do the same.

(3) Miscellaneous Images from Other’s Work: There may also be images which are not mine that I either don’t know the copyright status or are I screenshots I take. In these cases, I will try my best to give the original creator(s) credit and/or say where I found it. I suggest you do the same. If you are the creator(s) that hold copyright to an image which has not been released into the public domain or under a license like above in (2) and wanted taken down, contact me.

(4) Fair Use: I may use copyrighted images that are not mine  in a way that falls under Fair Use. In these cases, I will state “Fair Use.”

(5) My Original Images: Original images that I post on my site will be accompanied with language somewhere either in the post, page, or image description that details that I am the author and/or be accompanied by BLACKCATHOLIC logos. Any original content that I create immediately falls under my copyright from the moment of their creation. I own these images. That being said, I know how I may post an image that someone may really want to share or use. If you want to share one of my original images to another platform, you are free to do so but properly attribute me as the author (“Justin Farr” or “BLACKCATHOLIC”) and either provide a link to where you found it on my site/social media extensions or state the name of the website: BLACKCATHOLIC. The same applies to my original images I post through my Facebook and Twitter extensions which may or may not state my authorship explicitly.