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A Small Word For the Brewing “Liturgy Wars” – There’s People To Love On the “Other Side”

I haven’t put much of my viewpoint visible out there on social media or my site during the two revving ups last year (July 16’s Motu Proprio and last month’s Responsa Ad Dubia) of the liturgical controversies that were no doubt already present in the Church beforehand. Though, if you look close enough to the…

By BLACKCATHOLIC January 6, 2022 1

How It Started. How It’s Going: Church in My Diocese Puts Steeple and Cross Back Up After 2020 Nashville Tornado

Last year in March, just before Coronavirus shut everything down in the nation and around the world, tornados ripped through Tennessee, in particular middle of the state. I was away at seminary when one came down in north Nashville, my home town, and devastated parts of the Germantown neighborhood where a church that I have…

By BLACKCATHOLIC December 19, 2021 0