I Saw the Kingdom of God

I Saw the Kingdom of God

April 12, 2023 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

I saw the Kingdom of God.

And Holy Week showed me.

When people of every different color and tongue came on Good Friday to adore the wood of the Cross upon which the Savior of the world died I saw the Kingdom of God.

When those different colors present as their hands reached out and when they used those same tongues that spoke different languages to receive the one King in the Eucharist I saw the Kingdom of God.

When the young and the old and everyone in between were receiving the baptism and confirmation that fully united and initiated them into the one flock and family of the Mystical Body of Christ at the Easter Vigil I saw the Kingdom of God.

This was just one parish in one town in one diocese in one nation. Just think of how many more parishes there are all over the Church in the world in which the same thing happened during the Triduum and Easter last week and this past Sunday.

Think about how this is a fruit of the many generations that have come who did the same thing. Those generations expanded and spread out slowly over the centuries the small band of disciples of the resurrected Jewish rabbi-Messiah created almost 2000 years ago. Think of the expansion and spreading that still needs to be done (and perhaps re-done).

The Kingdom of God is already here and still it comes even more. None of the other so-called gods of any of the ancient or new religions are doing this or spreading their kingdom, for they have none and are nothing.

This is work of the only true God that exists – The God of the Kingdom.