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“From Baptist to Catholic to Seminary”: Talking Catholic Interview with David L. Gray – My Conversion Journey, The Saints, Peter as Rock of the Church, Journey to the Priesthood, Black Catholicism, and Response to George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery

I invite all of you to go check out the interview I did with David. L Gray this week for his YouTube channel on his show “Talking Catholic with David L. Gray.” David Gray is a Black Catholic author, theologian, historian and YouTuber who is also a convert to the faith. On his show he…

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It’s Getting Real: My Admission to Candidacy for Holy Orders – 3 – What it Means To Be a Candidate for Holy Orders Now.

Oh, it got real, alright. Yesterday morning my Bishop admitted me to be a Candidate for Holy Orders through the Rite of Candidacy. See my previous two articles in this mini article-series for more information about Candidacy and its significance along the journey to priesthood: here and here. In this last installment I will share…

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It’s Getting Real: My Admission to Candidacy for Holy Orders – 1 – The Significance of Candidacy and Why It is Required On the Journey to The Priesthood

As I announced on Sunday, on this Wednesday, May 25, I will be admitted to Candidacy for Holy Orders. Because not everyone is familiar with what this means in particular I wanted to take this time leading up to talk about the significance of this next step. This first article in the start of a…

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