4 Down, 2 To Go: Second Theology Year of Seminary Complete!

May 23, 2022 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

Last week I came home, turned in one last (late) assignment, and completed my second theology year of seminary! That makes 4 years of seminary complete and only 2 more to go.

This past year was the last one that I will begin as a layman and end as a layman. This marks a crucial point because, God willing, the next two years will be ordination years.

Toward the end of my third theology year I will be made a Deacon for the Church and completely give my life away in service of the salvation of the People of God through sacramental ordination. If all goes to plan this could be in the Spring of 2023.

Then in the following year I will be ordained a Priest of Jesus Christ forever.

Things will start to ramp up before they finish out two years from now.

For now I begin my summer assignment, which is pretty big. I will tell you guys about it later.

Please continue to pray for me and pray for the success and peace of my summer assignment, which involves getting on some flights, which I’m still not too hot about as only I second-time flyer!

Be assured of my prayers for you all every day in my morning offering!

Thank you!