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Black Catholic Saint Feast Day: St. Benedict the Moor, O.F.M., “The Holy Black” (April 4) – Brief Personal Reflection on His Feast Day

Today the Church celebrates the feast day of Black Catholic saint Benedict the Moor (1526-1589), a Sicilian Franciscan friar of slave origin. In his early life Benedict was often ridiculed by others for his humble background and for his skin color, but he bore this suffering patiently in a truly dignified and Christian way. Benedict,…

By BLACKCATHOLIC April 4, 2022 0

Deep Lent

Ladies and gents, if you came to church this morning and saw the statues and pictures in your parishes covered with cloths, then you know we have entered into Passiontide, what I will refer to as “Deep Lent”. The further we go into Lent the deeper we progress into the reason for Lent in the…

By BLACKCATHOLIC April 3, 2022 0