I have appeared on a number of other platforms and shows over the years to share a bit about my conversion to Catholicism and faith life, my apostolate, Black Catholicism, my journey to the priesthood, and more. Below is a collection of my past appearances.

On My Conversion and Life as a Black Catholic

“The Reason I became Catholic” – Brad Schepisi YouTube Channel (2018)

“Difficult being black and walking into a Catholic Church?” – Brad Schepisi YouTube Channel (2018)

“Justin Farr, from Baptist to Catholic to Seminary” – David L. Gray YouTube Channel (2020)

“Chasing After God: “Young, Black & Catholic” Interview w/ Justin Farr” – Living The Life Show (2020)

“Bible over Brews: 79, Christmas conversion and pagan reversion! Pt. 1” – Bible Over Brews (2020)

“A Journey Into The Church Pt. 1 with Justin” – Saintly Witnesses (2021)

“STM Cougar Cast Episode 2.17 (Black History Month 2023) | Season 7” – St. Thomas More Cougar Cast (2023)

On My Journey to the Priesthood

“Should I become a Priest?” – Brad Schepisi YouTube Channel (2018)

On Black Catholicism

“Is the Black Catholic Church Still Needed?” – David L. Gray YouTube Channel (2020)

“8 Black Catholics Everyone Should Know” – The Catholic Talk Show (2021)

On Catholic and Other Christian Issues

“Seminarian Responds to Catholic Sexual Abuse – Our Response Part II” – Brad Schepisi YouTube Channel (2018)