April 1, 2022 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

Today I celebrate 4 years since the launch of my apostolate on Easter Day 2018!

I officially began with my social media outlets (FB and Twitter) before launching my website November that year on the Solemnity of Christ the King. It has been a wonderful ride of four years as I have expressed my own way of being a Black Catholic, the history and saints/saints to be of Black Catholicism, Black Catholic religious art and imagery, and even shared some of my own journey to the priesthood.

God has blessed my work in leaps and bound since I first began, and has brought along with me a bunch if lovely brothers and sisters in Christ and creation (all of you!)

The main goal has always been to lead others (especially my Black kings and queens) deeper into to Christ and to the fullness of the faith found in His Catholic Church through being a visible expression of one man’s Black Catholic faith. I have always been extremely grateful especially when any of you have told me that you have learned something or shared something with others to benefit from and that I have helped you grow in your own faith.

Thank you all for following me and my apostolate throughout these four years on social media and on my website.

God bless and keep you all! I pray for all of you in my daily offering everyday. Please keep praying for me as I begin another year of Catholicism Through A Colored Lens!

– Justin