“Black and Beautiful” on Juneteeth

“Black and Beautiful” on Juneteeth

June 19, 2021 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

“I am black and beautiful.” – Song of Solomon 1:5 [NASB]

I’ve updated my branding a little bit across my apostolate; first time since I began over 3 years ago. And it’s been a great 3 years so far of “Catholicism Through A Colored Lens.” Three for the Trinity! Especially, on today’s Juneteenth celebrations I want to thank you all for being along with me through my website and my social media extensions as I perform the work of my little apostolate to be just one visible expression of a Black Catholic in the Church. My apostolate exists here to say, especially to my Black brothers and sisters, that you have at least one dude here and that we have a place in God’s one Catholic Church.

I speak with the freedom paved for me as a African American in the Church by “black and beautiful” souls like Tolton and Greeley, Lange and Toussaint, Bowman and Porres, and more all in the True Freedom Christ won for all people, breaking every chain. This is the freedom of Juneteenth.

To my people: Stay Black and Beautiful (And Catholic), y’all.

To my friends of the many other shades of humanity: Stay Beautiful and Catholic as expressions of God’s own diverse Beauty.


– Justin