Black History Month 2020 Celebration Plans

Black History Month 2020 Celebration Plans

February 6, 2020 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

Happy Black History Month 2020!

Like I have stated in the past, we have WAY more than 28 days because there are at least two months to celebrate Black history!

Each February and November my apostolate rejoices and has a special series of posts celebrating Black History Month (Feb.) and Black Catholic History Month (Nov.). November’s celebration includes a showcase of Black Catholic saints/holy ones and Black Catholic topics from history.

It is February, so this month’s celebration will include posts involving Black history generally often with the Church’s relation to it. To see posts from past instances of either of these month-long celebrations visit Special Series: Black History Month (February)/Black Catholic Month (November)

While it is still early in February, I want to let you all know how I will continue to celebrate BHM through my apostolate this month. Usually, I do it big and have a whole host of different sorts of specialized content that goes out weekly on specific days so you can expect them. But this time around since I didn’t set this up all the way and with seminary in full swing there is no way I can do what I usually do this time around. So, instead I will just have a general wave of posts during this month dealing with Black history often mixed with Catholic themes as I can share and make them, and there will be no set days of the week for them to come out. I will just post as I go along. I will also do some reposting of content that vibes with the vein. This will take some pressure off of me while still celebrating this special month.

Have a happy, blessed, and enlightening Black History Month!

And to all my People out there – Stay Black

And to all my People out there who are Catholic as well – Stay Black AND Catholic

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