Evil Begets Evil and Sin Begets Sin: The Buffalo Tops Friendly Market Shooting

May 17, 2022 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

The local sheriff called the racist-motivated Tops shooting “pure evil.” He was right to describe it as such because we can never stress enough that just as the murder of the innocent is pure evil, racism is also pure evil. Evil begets evil and sin begets sin.

The evil and sin of racism that was born in the dark corners of the web found root and cultivated in the shooter’s heart by his own hand grew to produce the putrid “fruit” of murder of innocent Black men and women just trying to buy food and feed themselves and family.

It’s reported that the shooter told himself during the stream, “Just got to go for it.” – NO, YOU DID NOT.

It appears he had to motivate himself to do such evil in the last moments. The devil and his own heart and mind self-corrupted by hatred and racism lied to him.

Now 10 precious lives are lost because of that last minute motivation, motivation that actually began who knows how long ago. A few others were wounded in body and mind. An entire community wounded in spirit.

Jesus said it is what comes out that defiles. The hatred and sin we grow within us, if given time and motivation, will turn into a “Just got to go for it” and will slay the innocent.

We must give our hearts over to Jesus at every moment.