Jesus Is A King!

Jesus Is A King!

November 20, 2022 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

This is the type of King that Jesus is!

The gospel for the year’s Solemnity of Christ the King (Luke 23:35-43) shows us exactly the type of King Jesus is.

Jesus is a King who strips Himself of His regal shine in order to wrap the lowly in the glowing royal robes of the blood of His sacrifice and the waters of baptism.

Jesus is a King who starves Himself at the high table of the cross in order to ensure that the poor never go hungry.

Jesus is a King who does not condemn those who abandon Him as treasonous to His Kingdom but rather still seeks them out for faithful service.

Jesus is a King whose crown is not one of metal and jewels but one of vine and thorns.

Jesus is a King whose preferred throne is not a lofty chair behind high walls of brick but the broken down cushion of the repentant human heart.

Jesus is a King who spills not the blood of His enemies but instead offers His blood for those who despise Him.

Jesus is a King who hangs with criminals in their own personal hells and says to them “Today you will be with Me in Paradise.”

Jesus is a King!

Image: Ethiopian icon of the Crucifixion of Christ. Public Domain.