Launching a New Work on Twitter: Sunday in a TweetShell: Sunday’s Gospel Message and Us in 280 or Less

January 15, 2023 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

I’m starting a new thing on my Twitter but I will always screenshot for here as well: capturing a brief message from each Sunday’s gospel reading at Mass as it relates to us all in nutshell to fit in a single tweet for each Sunday. I call it:

“Sunday in a TweetShell [Get it?]

Sunday’s Gospel Message and Us in 280 or Less”

I got the idea from a priest who gave a class for us at seminary who basically does the same thing. Its meant to offer a quick bite sized takeaway to chew on each Sunday applying the Gospel to our lives. Chew on it before Mass (it won’t break the 1 hour fast, trust me). Chew on it after Mass as a holy snack of further meditation. Either way, let it give you fuel to go do the work of God in your lives. Feel free to eat it with whatever other spiritual food you consume. Again its meant for Twitter’s short format but I will screen shot it and share it on my FB and my website.

I might do this for solemnities and certain feast days as well. A “Solemnity in a TweetShell”/ “Feast Day in a Tweet Shell” type of thing, both using the gospel.

With all that said, my next blog post will include my first “Sunday in a TweetShell” for today’s gospel reading for the 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year A) [January 15, 2023] – John 1:29-34.