Revamped Black Catholic Saints Page

Revamped Black Catholic Saints Page

July 26, 2021 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

Like I have stated on a couple of previous posts back and I made a lot of revisions to the organization of my website. I added new pages and revised existing ones. One of the pages that I revamped was my page that featured Black Catholic Saints and Black Catholic holy ones that could be saints someday that I have covered before.

I have broken up the showcase of black Catholic saints and holy ones into two distinct showcases, one for holy Black men and one for holy Black women. Each venerated one still has their own bio page. And each catalogue of Black Catholic Saints and Holy Ones is continually built up over time. Black Saints and Holy Ones talked about in the Black (And Catholic) Like Me article-series are often added to them. Here they are. Now check out some Black sanctity!

Holy Brothers: Black Catholic Men Saints and Holy Ones

Saintly Sistas: Black Catholic Women Saints and Holy Ones