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It’s Getting Real: My Admission to Candidacy for Holy Orders – 3 – What it Means To Be a Candidate for Holy Orders Now.

Oh, it got real, alright. Yesterday morning my Bishop admitted me to be a Candidate for Holy Orders through the Rite of Candidacy. See my previous two articles in this mini article-series for more information about Candidacy and its significance along the journey to priesthood: here and here. In this last installment I will share…

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It’s Getting Real: My Admission to Candidacy for Holy Orders – 1 – The Significance of Candidacy and Why It is Required On the Journey to The Priesthood

As I announced on Sunday, on this Wednesday, May 25, I will be admitted to Candidacy for Holy Orders. Because not everyone is familiar with what this means in particular I wanted to take this time leading up to talk about the significance of this next step. This first article in the start of a…

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Christmas Party After Party

The past week was filled with a lot of Christmas gatherings of seminarians, vocation staff, and the bishop. One of them was the annual V.I.P (Vocations In Progress) Dinner organized by the Serra Club of Nashville. Every year the dinner mostly celebrates the seminarians in formation and the postulates/novices/first vows of the Nashville Dominican Sisters…

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