The Mission – ALL 2022

The Mission – ALL 2022

January 7, 2022 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

Saw this on social media.

So powerful I became Catholic just to do it, yall.

This is living the Gospel God intended for His Church: prayerfully invested and active in Eucharistic and sacramental communion ordered towards daily conversion of life.

See this not as a checklist but rather some of the essential actions involved in THE way to live and the way to love in this life as we await the next with patience. Love will have you doing all this (and maybe even more) like it’s just breathing, pretty much like we already do things for those we love. It can be a “how else am I supposed do this?”, type of thing. Love God and neighbor for the sake of God and you will do this in His grace. All of this is ordered toward final union with Him and becoming like Him.

Also, like I advocate often, pray the Liturgy of the Hours ( everyday as a start, and because it is literally praying the Bible, with that alone you already accomplish No. 1 and 2 with one stroke. No. 6, if you do it at church. No. 7, if you do it with the intention for the grace to forgive others while you pray. See? Four down in one action each day. Not to mention you can do it before do No. 3, 4, and 5 in that order. Then you’ve done it all in one go. Watch that grace flow, homie.

But, really, both the desire to do even one of these is proof of God’s grace already working. Actually doing it is all another grace from God, and as a baptized believer you’re already swimming in it. So rely on Him only, not your own human effort.

I recommend Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer.

One of them, if you can only do one.

Or, maybe even just Night Prayer before you go to bed.

God’s got it, and in Him you got it, too.

All 2022.