When Things Are Sporadic A Busy Seminarian Is A Work! But Here’s Some Things In the Meantime…

When Things Are Sporadic A Busy Seminarian Is A Work! But Here’s Some Things In the Meantime…

October 22, 2021 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

I want to take this brief moment to just extend a huge thank you and my appreciation for all of you who follow my BLACKCATHOLIC apostolate through my website and social media extensions, especially all newer followers! But also, particularly for newer followers, I also want to say at times I may tend to be a little sporadic on my postings, but I’m still here and my apostolate are still very much active!

This is mainly due to the fact that I am a seminarian studying for the priesthood (in year 4 of a total of 6 years, if you are wondering how far along I am) and so during the fall and spring I am swamped often with assignments, readings, papers, deadlines, ministry, Liturgy of the Hours and Mass, and many other things! Nevertheless, I still try to keep things going with my little apostolate when I can.

Meanwhile, when I do get a little bit sporadic feel free to check out the stable sections on my website that features different aspects of Black Catholicism such as:

Features on Black Catholic Saints and Soon-to-be Saints –

Men: http://theblackcatholic.com/holy-brothers-black-catholic-men-saints-and-holy-ones/
Women: http://theblackcatholic.com/saintly-sistas-black-catholic-women-saints-and-holy-ones/

Links to Current Black Catholic Voices out there –

Black Catholic Organizations and Religious Orders: http://theblackcatholic.com/black-catholic-organizations/

Black Catholic Blogs and Journals/Magazines: http://theblackcatholic.com/black-catholic-blogs-and-journals-magazines/

Black Catholic Podcasts and Video Media: http://theblackcatholic.com/black-catholic-podcasts-and-video-media/

And my past blog postings on various topics dealing with Black Catholicism in particular and, in general, Catholicism, theology, philosophy, politics, culture, and more: http://theblackcatholic.com/articles/
You can even follow the developments of my journey to the priesthood: http://theblackcatholic.com/category/article-series/my-journey-to-the-priesthood/

So, I even when I’m slow on things, there’s still plenty to see from BLACKCATHOLIC even when I can’t see over the mountain of homework! Since it’s a weekday morning, looks like I’m off to class! Have a good day, y’all.

Thanks again for visiting BLACKCATHOLIC!

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