A Great Start To Respect Life Month!

A Great Start To Respect Life Month!

October 3, 2021 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

Happy Respect Life Sunday!

October is National Respect Life Month, and the guys and I at the seminary kicked it off right yesterday.

A group of us took up our rosaries and made a trip over across state lines to Louisville to the abortion clinic there and engaged in spiritual combat against the evil that is perpetrated there while taking a public stand for the life of the unborn and the true dignity of women, which this so-called “clinic” all others like it undermine everyday. We also met some local parishioners who were out there standing for life as well. Together we prayed multiple rosaries and a Divine Mercy chaplet and fellowshipped with each other.

Of course being in the heart of the city we faced multiple expressions of opposition coming from others passing by both in their cars and on the sidewalk. There many curses curses sent our way both in gesture and through shouted words, but with each instance 1 Peter 3:9 came to mind. And we indeed returned spiritual blessings for the curses we receive upon all those who have been hurt by abortion or have been misled into believing that it is a good to be defended and preserved. And how I wished each time I saw an ill-intended single finger sent our way that I could sent back five to bless them with my hands in love for them. For, God loves them, too, with the same infinite love by which he loves the unborn and their mothers, even those who took part in the ending of their lives at the “clinic” that stood behind us. If they only knew and accepted the love with which God loves them and mercy and acceptance He holds out and the transformation He can bring them to all through the Gospel of Life, they would stand with us in prayerful solidarity against the grave evil that is abortion.

But indeed God wins at the end! And we even now receive glimpses of this great victory in the midst of the battle we are presently engaged in. The guys and I were told by those who were out there with us that at least one couple turned away. Pray for them! I know that the Holy Spirit did His thing through us to try to open invisible hearts through our visible testimony as He always does.

Please join up with any 40 days For Life that may be going on in your area.

Visit the RespectLife.org for resources to commemorate Respect Life Month for all of October.