A Word for Our Current Moment

March 12, 2020 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

So much stuff going on and so many cancellations even of holy activities.

Let us continue to pray for each other and the world as we go through this tough time with this global pandemic. We will make it through this by God’s grace one way or the other, and He will send us an Easter for this Lent. God’s plan for the world and the salvation of souls and His Son’s Second Coming is still right on track. We will pray that our bodies will stay healthy, but even if they don’t may we maintain the well-being of our souls and obtain graces for the souls of others through our Holy and True Faith and trust in God’s love.

God bless and keep you all, my friends, especially those in particular dioceses that will have to go without the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass until further notice. When this is over embrace Our Eucharistic Lord like never before and never let Him go!


– Justin