BLACK HISTORY MONTH FEATURED ARTICLE 3 (Feb 19): 125 Years of Josephite Service to the Black Community

February 21, 2019 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

Meant to post it on Feb 19

Catholic Philly article (2018):
“Joining men and women from many different backgrounds, they gathered to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Josephites, a society of priests and brothers established in Baltimore to minister to the African-American community.
It was a jubilant celebration not only of the dedicated ministry of the Josephites, but also of the people they have served for more than a century.”

“After the Civil War, he said, the Catholic Church struggled caring for the spiritual needs of some 7 million persons of African descent, many of them former slaves.”

“At the request of U.S. bishops in 1871, Pope Pius IX asked Father Herbert Vaughn (a future cardinal) to send missionary priests from the Mill Hill Fathers in England to minister to black Americans. The Josephites separated from the Mill Hill Fathers in 1893 to form their own society.”

“For much of their history, the Josephites have been known for their commitment to social justice. They participated in the civil rights struggle and encouraged black Catholics to take leadership roles in the church.”

Josephites mark 125 years of ministry and celebrate a ‘resilient faith’