Books for My Last Semester of Philosophical Studies (Spring 2020)

Books for My Last Semester of Philosophical Studies (Spring 2020)

January 27, 2020 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

We are out of the retreat phase of the month, and now our academic classes official begin today.

Just like I’ve done the past two semesters (Spring 2019 and Fall 2019), here above is a pic of the books I will be using in my classes for this second semester of my second year of philosophical studies, which is my last year of pre-theology before I enter theology. I have posted in the past about the journey a pre-theologian seminarian has to take towards ordination. So, if you would like to know more of the hows and whys of me getting to this point of priestly formation, check out this post, “Summer 2019 Personal Update 3 of 3: And now we wait – The second year of seminary approaches; Basics About Seminary Formation.”

11 books this time. Down from last semester’s 16.

The classes in the line up for my last semester of philosophy: Political Philosophy, Natural Theology, Contemporary Philosophy, and rounding it off is the MA Concluding Seminar for the Master’s in Catholic Philosophical Studies I am earning. The seminar class is all about writing the required master’s thesis. I think I might have just come up with a potential topic this past week when it hit me a few days ago. We will see. This thesis reminds me of when I completed my undergrad honors thesis.

Besides the seminar (which will probably not be a class in the regular sense), there’s something I am looking forward to in all my upcoming classes, but Contemporary Philosophy and Natural Theology are peaking my interest the most. I am not required to take any electives, but I never chose one for this semester anyway. I think I might not so I can spend more time on the thesis and just to also have the extra time.

So, I have all this plus ministry on Wednesdays, which will be a continuation of last semester’s teaching catechism to middle and high school students, I believe.

And the total $$$ for this semester in books is $333.25 with no taxes to pay this time (333 is good number lol). Down very much from the past two semesters, but, as always, God bless the diocese and all donors for supporting the complete cost for all us Nashville seminarians’ education so we focus on studying and discerning God’s call.

Any fellow seminarians (or former ones/priests) or philosophy majors/philosophy lovers out there familiar with these?