Check Out These Other Black Catholic Voices Out There

Check Out These Other Black Catholic Voices Out There

July 22, 2021 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

Mostly last month I made not only some updates in my branding but some updates in the organization of my website. I shifted things around on the site, which involved moving pages around to different areas, adding new pages, shifting content to another page, deleting some page, and other things.

One of the major things I did in this shifting around was revise the section of my website that featured other Black Catholic resources in which I had a small (but growing) list of other Black Catholic outlets besides myself for you to check out as well. Along with my other revisions back in June on renamed this section “Black Catholic Voices” increased the number of outlets, created a better categorization of them by type, and made things overall more appealing and informative, especially by adding pictures and logos of these sources. It is a collection of sources on Black Catholicism and displays of other Black Catholics living out their faith in the Church.

So I want to make this post in order to draw attention to the only the changes I have made in this regard but to offer an opportunity for you to see them and check them out as well.

There’s Black Catholic organizations such as the National Black Catholic Congress, the national black Catholic apostolate for life, the Knights of Peter Claver, and the National Black Sisters Conference.

There’s Black Catholic religious orders such as the Society of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart parentheses (the Josephites), and the Oblate sisters of Providence.

On the blogosphere you have Efran Menny’s Convert’s Quest: and Sister Desiré Anne-Marie Findlay’s Sistalogue

When it comes to Black Catholic Journals/Magazines there are offerings such as Black Catholic Messenger and In a Word, the monthly publication from the Divine Word Missionaries.

Lastly, for Black Catholic podcasts and video media there’s Ask Father Josh with Fr. Josh Johnson, the Black Catholic Messenger Show, the David L. Gray Podcast, and others.

So check out these other Black Catholic voices and their outlets. I have the rest not listed above on my Black Catholic Voices section, and I look to always add to the overall list periodically whenever I come across another outlet. They all have different shades of the colored lens of Black Catholicism. Some are more active than others. My list here does not amount to a personal endorsement from my apostolate of everything that comes out of these Black Catholic outlets. This above list is simply for information.

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