Expect to be Loved, But also Expect the Truth: In Light of Recent Pro-Choice Protests at Masses

May 9, 2022 2 By BLACKCATHOLIC

I don’t know how many pro-choice protests that were reportedly going take place at Masses this Sunday actually happened, but try as some might to come to heart of our Catholic life that is the Mass and interrupt it, one thing is true (since some targeted Catholic churches).

The Gospel of Life proclaimed by Jesus and His Church which upholds the dignity, priceless value, and sacredness of the human life of the most vulnerable and their mothers shall always be proclaimed and will never be truly interrupted and shouted down to silence – come as you might.

Every time we gather for Mass we proclaim the Gospel of Life for all the unborn because we proclaim the death and resurrection of the Lord which defeated every evil, abortion included. And Mass happens all over the world at every hour. The Gospel of Life shall prevail in love.

But yet Gospel of Life even has room enough to be proclaimed for those who did come and protest at Mass, because the Cross and Love of Christ was meant for them too.

You are not hated for what you tried to do. In fact you are even more loved and have our prayers because you came to our heart (the Mass and Jesus in the Eucharist) to speak with us.

Expect to be loved. But also expect to be told the truth about human life, which, like yours, is precious beyond price.

However the Court ends up deciding, the Church shall always proclaim the Gospel of Life and she will cry out until Jesus comes again.