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BLACK HISTORY MONTH FEATURED ARTICLE 4 (Feb 26): Fr. Tolton as a “Catholic MLK”

Crux article (2017): “He embodies Father Tolton, from youth to manhood, bringing in turn joy and sorrow to the stage. The producer and actor believes “Tolton” could not be more timely. ‘There are so many misunderstandings between the races in the United States today,’ Defillipis said after the Holy Rosary performance. ‘Father Tolton is the…

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BLACK HISTORY MONTH FEATURED ARTICLE 2 (Feb 12) – National Catholic Reporter article (2015): Catholics at Selma

Meant to edit things and post it yesterday. Here’s the 2nd featured article of this month, a continuation of last week’s look at Catholics in the Civil Rights Movement; this time more broadly, particularly Catholics at Selma. “Catholics played a prominent role in Selma, much more than in previous civil rights demonstrations. Never before had Catholic…

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BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2019 FEATURED ARTICLE 1 (Feb 5): Nuns Witnessed Who Witnessed MLK’s Life and Death

Here’s the first feature article for Black History Month. Nuns who were active during the Civil Rights Movement and were with MLK both in life and death tell their story. CNA article (2018): “This Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be the first without Sister Mary Antona Ebo, the only black Catholic nun who marched with civil…

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