The Spirituality of the Day After Easter

The Spirituality of the Day After Easter

April 11, 2023 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

I wrote this actually for yesterday, the actual day after Easter, but I did not get a chance to go back through it and then post it up. But I believe it still has a potent and urgent message. So pretend like it is the day after Easter, proceed, and everything will be just fine.

You really can’t get any more Easter than Easter Vigil night and Easter Day even as we technically celebrate Easter everyday this week during the octave where everyday is actually celebrated as a continuation of Easter Sunday.

If Easter managed to just be an extraordinarily beautiful and pleasant day because of how special it was or because of time spent with family and friends or the food or any combination of these things and more that made it especially pleasant beyond the regular Sunday, then you probably had a moment when you thought: Dang, I wish this wouldn’t end.

But it had to end.

Then it was time to go home or clean up or wind down or to go to bed. After all, there was work or school the next day.

If you in fact wished that yesterday wouldn’t end and wished that it was Easter like that everyday, then you have it.

You have a taste of what God wants out of us. You have a taste of heaven and eternal life. You have a taste of the world to come where everyday is Easter. Everyday is the “eighth day” of the new creation. Grab on to it. Remember it. Contemplate it. Think over and over about what made it and what makes it special continually in your mind and heart. Even bring in the little tinge of sadness that is mixed in with this happy thought because it is over and the next day has come and it only a memory now.

Then bring God into the picture.

Bring in the reason why we even celebrated yesterday and the ultimate Event that gave rise to the other small but meaningful events that is based on the ultimate Event of the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Remember, think on all of this over and over, and come back to it often even if your mind drifts to other things and you come back to it later times throughout the day.

Finally, tell God that you are thankful for the loveliness of yesterday and the ultimate reason for yesterday. Tell God that you loved everything that went on. Tell him that you continue to love those that took part in it with you and that you love him for giving this happiness to you as a gift. Ask Him to help you remember how you shared His gift with those you loved yesterday throughout the day. Ask Him to help you continue to give this gift to others even after the happiness of yesterday.

Do all of this. And then do it again. And again. And again.

If you land in one spot and get lost there, that is okay. Just get lost in it. Or pick back up from that point. Or begin again. Either choice is perfectly all right.

I say this with urgency because this is prayer for any of us who have ever asked how to pray. This is contemplation ready at your fingertips for all of us who ever thought it was only achievable by monks and nuns and priests, the so-called “spiritual professionals” who gave up whole lives and marriage to do this. This is a snapshot and preview of the activity of the saints and angels in heaven for those who have ever wondered what we will do when we get there – not just think about the type of beautiful happiness that we experienced Easter day with those we love but actually experience it and do it in a completely mind-blowing way that will never end and will never fade away into a yesterday. And do it with and in complete and final union with the Risen Lord of Easter Himself along with His Father and His Spirit forever.

And that little tinge of sadness because all good things must come to an end will never come because the good things of God, when they finally come, will never end because God never ends. This is the meaning of “world without end” and “forever and ever.”

So let us say “Amen” – “So be it”.