Update on Livestreaming of Liturgies

May 20, 2020 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

Now that I am back home and staying at my actual house I am no longer just a walk downstairs to a chapel where daily Mass and Adoration takes place. Plus, I am no longer in my room in the seminary; I am back at my room at home which is not set up the best to do Liturgy of the Hours in addition to being very messy at the moment.

Nevertheless, I would like to still do livestreaming of liturgies at least for the remainder of the month of May. There is a chance I may not continue in June and afterwards as most diocese start to open back up again and people feel more comfortable with going out. That being said, I still go to Mass at my home parish almost everyday except Monday when it is closed. So, I will move my streaming location to my parish (which does not livestream at the moment) and will have to modify how I will do things for the rest of May. For instance, Adoration doesn’t take place as much at the parish, and thus I might have to cut it out. Also, it is not easy to drive back and forth for streams (for Morning and Evening Prayer in particular), and I do not want to try to do too much during this time of summer vacation before I start my parish assignment.

With all this said, I will come up with some kind of schedule for the rest of May (May 20-31), and it will be reduced from what I have usually been doing these past months. I will set something up and will let you know as soon as I iron things out.

Also, though I said I might end my liturgy streams after this month, there is a slight chance other types of content in this regard might continue in a different way during mid-June and July because of the official summer activities Nashville seminarians will be doing, which will have a social media component.

Stay tune, friends.