Visited San Antonio’s Cathedral – San Fernando

Visited San Antonio’s Cathedral – San Fernando

July 17, 2021 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

Last week we made another visit here in San Antonio to another church for Sunday mass. This time we made a trip to the seat of the archdiocese, the San Fernando cathedral right in the heart of downtown San Antonio. And this time we checked out the regular English Mass at 10:00 a.m for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Since this was the cathedral I had no doubt that it would be the grandest church we had visited yet in our visits across the archdiocese, and as you will be able to see from the pictures it totally was.

What was awesome was that a woman saw us coming into the church and in the process of welcoming us saw that we were the same seminarians who she had saw and talked to when we visited the Mission Concepción. We caught up a little bit and met one of her friends who was standing at the entrance with her. After talking and explaining this was our first time at the cathedral she volunteered to give us a brief tour of San Fernando. She took us from the front of the church to the back where the high altar and side altars would have been a long time ago and told us all about the history of the cathedral and the different renovations that in greatly improve the beauty of the church over the years.I took some pictures during this little tour.

Then about 30 minutes or so before Mass began she let us go and we took our places in the pews. Aftermath was over I went around the church a little bit more and took pictures of the stained glass windows before we left. Here are the shots of the cathedral I made:

The altar of sacrifice. They actually use the fancy and elevated ambo in the left part of the picture to proclaim the Word, and it is sweet. I would love to proclaim the Scriptures from it.

And here we get to the most beautiful part of the cathedral by far. This is in the very front of the cathedral where old high altar is located with the tabernacle. The central is the Jesus high altar and on the left and right looks like to old side altars dedicated to Our Lady with one of them being Our Lady of Guadalupe. Just gorgeous.

And in the center of the space that contains the old altars is this amazing little marker. Our tour guide for the day told us that this spot marks the very center of the entire city of San Antonio. I found this absolutely amazing.

Now for the stained glass windows!

And to finish it off here is a station of the cross.

A big thanks goes out to San Fernando cathedral and especially the woman who gave us a tour of the beautiful seat of the archdiocese.

San Fernando Cathedral Website