“What if I should do what the saints did?”

“What if I should do what the saints did?”

July 31, 2021 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

“While reading the life of Christ our Lord or the lives of the saints, he [St. Ignatius of Loyola] would reflect and reason with himself: ‘What if I should do what Saint Francis or Saint Dominic did?’”

– from Luis Gonzalez’s biography of St. Ignatius.

The question St. Ignatius asked himself hit me good today in the Liturgy of the Hours, and his question is one we should all be struck by it’s pure nature and simplicity for life. On this feast day of the great St. Ignatius as yourself the same thing he asked himself.

“What if I should do what the saints did?”

And we don’t have to travel the world and do big feats (though some of us might be called to do so) in order to answer this question, either. Apply it to your daily life.

“What if I should do [in this moment/in this job/in this marriage/in this parenthood/in this encounter/in this social media post/in this parish/in this community/in this world/in this life/in this word to another/in all things] what the saints did?

What if I should BE a saint?

Matthew 12:49-50.

Image: Saint Ignatius of Loyola’s Vision of Christ and God the Father at La Storta by Domenichino