Books for the Fall Semester

Books for the Fall Semester

September 1, 2019 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

Just like in during the start of spring semester of my first year the above is a pic of the books I will be using for my classes for this fall semester of my second year of philosophical studies.

14 are in the photo (a few more are not in this shot), but three are actually from last semester that will be used again this semester (the two Aquinas volumes and Aristotle). Thank goodness, I had the idea to bring at least some of last year’s books back to campus. Five courses lined up for this semester are the required Modern Philosophy, Ethics and Natural Law, Philosophy of Knowledge, and Intro to Biblical Studies with one elective, Advanced Latin. I am excited to continue to grow in philosophical studies, but I am particularly interested in the Intro to Biblical Studies. This will be the first time studying the Bible in a formal and academic setting.

I am entering my second and last year of philosophy studies within priestly formation. Two more semester and I will have a Masters of Catholic Philosophical Studies and be a huge step closer to ordination.

Oh and the book total? $368.11 (tax included)

Again, God bless my diocese and all who give towards the seminarian fund.

Any fellow seminarians (or former ones/priests) out there familiar with these?