Divine Liturgy at the Seminary and #KnowYourRites (West and East)

Divine Liturgy at the Seminary and #KnowYourRites (West and East)

September 16, 2019 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

Served for a Melkite Divine Liturgy at the seminary this past weekend! Our rector is bi-ritual and he offers this for us at least twice a school year. Two of our deacons and a hand-full of us other guys helped out. Here are some of the pictures.

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And I wanted to take this opportunity to reiterate the fact the Catholic Church breathes with two lungs as St. JP2 put it – Western (Latin/Roman) Rite Catholics and Eastern Rite Catholics of the 23 Eastern Catholic Churches in union with the Pope each with their own beautiful liturgies, traditions, devotions, patrimonies, and histories!

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Most of my audience is no doubt Latin Rite Catholics, so I want to greatly encourage you fellow Latins to take the chance to learn a little more about the other equally venerable and equally Catholic parts of the Church on the #EastSide!

Wikipedia has always had a good source of the Eastern Catholic Churches: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastern_Catholic_Churches

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