Been a while since I’ve posted – How ’bout some updates?

August 20, 2019 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

It been a minute since I’ve made posts on the site (though my social media outlets have remained active as always). I was getting close to two months of absence! Whoa, can’t let that happen. So how about some updates?

Website updates:

For one I have made some small updates to the site. I have renovated the post categories section on the right side of the page. I have updated the About This Site page along with finally getting my site’s canonization page for Fr. Toton off the ground (I think I will add a little things to it – but I have other projects in mind before I get to that). I have also made some changes to the different available article-series I will feature on the site along with other little things here and there. Right now the different series that I actually have at least some content for at the moment are active. Additionally, I have a whole new plan for content envisioned that will not only try to aid against leaving the site too inactive but will introduce some new article-series along the way. However, I gotta get the some of the content created and scheduled for roll out on my page. I will roll out the new plan of content gradually over time and not wait till I have everything line first, which I am prone to do (the perfectionist in me). Stay tuned.

Personal updates for the summer:

I have been doing a lot stuff over the course of the summer especially because of my seminarian summer assignment duties. Now I am in the time between the end of my summer duties and the start of the new school year (Aug. 26) and I want to make three types of update posts featuring some of things I have done this summer. 1 – during the summer assignment, 2 – after the assignment: retreat and so-called “chill” time, 3 – leading up to start of a new year of seminary.

Pax and Caritas