Personal Update – Seminary Spring Semester Cancelled Due to Epidemic

Personal Update – Seminary Spring Semester Cancelled Due to Epidemic

March 18, 2020 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

In case you guys were wondering about how the virus is affecting my formation and the formation of seminarians across the country this is one example. I can let you guys know now that yesterday my seminary officially cancelled the rest of semester for us. Guys have been packing up and going home and this will continue for the next few days. Though, they will allow guys to stay if they have no other place to go for the moment (this affects more international seminarians) or if they decide or are advised to stay by their dioceses or superiors. Classes will be finished by online work.

A lot things were left undone and cancelled such as the graduation ceremony. In addition a lot of memories that were going to be made will not happen. It’s been hard especially with the deacons leaving for the last time and going back home so they can be ordained priests for the Church. We are men, but we feel and hurt to, and we all would be man enough to admit there were a bit of tears and strained throats trying to hold stuff in. Our rector and formation leadership at Saint Meinrad have been so inspiring, caring, and loving to us during this time. I am truly grateful for it.

As for me, my diocese has advised us to remain at our schools at least until April 3. I will still complete all work left, “graduate” from philosophical studies, and head into theological studies in the Fall.

Pray for all seminarians as we too are affected by this crisis. Your future priests might be returning to your dioceses right at this very moment.

My seminary’s statement is here.