Pictures From Retreat

Pictures From Retreat

January 25, 2019 0 By BLACKCATHOLIC

Just as I posted before, I was on a semi-silent retreat with fellow 1st and 2nd Philosophy seminarians at the Saint John XXIII Pastoral Center in Charleston, West Virginia for a week. We just got back to campus today. I’m a 1st Philosophy seminarian (route to ordination: two years of philosophy studies, four years of theology) and our rector gave our portion of the retreat. He gave us great conferences in the morning and afternoon of each day around the theme of the rite of ordination to Holy Orders and all of its components (diaconate and priesthood). While he lead us through the rite and explained the significance of every action he related it to our preparation to the priesthood as seminarians. It hit us deep!

Anyway, as promised here are pictures I took of the retreat center. The facilities were great, and its worth a visit. I just wish I got out and walked around the grounds a bit more and took in the West Virginia mountains even if it was freezing outside most of the days we were there. Too many long afternoon naps!

IMG_20190123_172114 IMG_20190123_172239 IMG_20190123_172313 IMG_20190123_172359 IMG_20190124_124541 IMG_20190124_124555 IMG_20190123_165527 IMG_20190123_165551 IMG_20190123_165607

Here’s the link to the Saint John XXII Pastoral Center. It’s operated by the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston.